Dimensions of oral health-related quality of life in an adult


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Relationship between the Oral Health Impact Profile-14 (OHIP-14) score of patients referred to a secondary care centre for restorative treatment and the required need for specialist treatment as perceived by the specialist clinician The OHIP-14 was administered to measure oral health related to the quality of life, along with a questionnaire addressing demographic information, such as age, gender, and education. The OHIP-14 is one of a number of self- 4-day centres and the remaining (47, 47%) were reported measurements of the impact of oral recruited from four hostels over an 11-month condition on daily life and is a modification of period. There were 102 people invited frågeformuläret Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP-14) (15). I samband med introduktionen lämnades formuläret till klienten, som ombads kryssa för svarsalternativen och därefter ta med det till intervjun och den kliniska undersökningen, som skedde några dagar efter introduktionen.


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OHIP-14 (Short form): Slade GD. Derivation and validation of a short-form oral health impact profile. Community Dent Oral Epidemiol 1997; 25:284-90 (PubMed abstract) The OHIP-14 was developed as a Further analysis on the dimensionality and the shorter version of the OHIP-49 7. This instrument adequacy of the OHIP can serve to help improve is one of the most widely used OHRQoL indica- the interpretation of the results obtained with tors internationally, is available in several lan- this instrument. The aim of this study was to validate the short-form of OHIP-14 among Spanish Adults. Material and Methods OHIP-14 (Oral Health Impact Profile) The OHIP-14 is a self-filled questionnaire that focuses on seven dimensions of impact (functional limitation, pain, psychological discomfort, physical disability, psychological Conclusion: The OHIP-14 is a valid and reliable quality of life assessment tool in young adolescents in this rural community. However, only the social disability domain componente discriminated The original version of the OHIP-14 was forward translated into the Vietnamese language by a dental professional (TCN), a practicing dentist and lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry, Cantho University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam, with Vietnamese as native language and proficient in English.

Dimensions of oral health-related quality of life in an adult

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33 Tabla 3. OHIP.14 中文版条目的同质性较强,具有较高的内部的一致性和关联性。 通过比较可以看 出两份量表具有各自的特点及应用范围,提示我们在临床工作中应正确选择合适 的量表进行口腔健康相关生存质量的研究。 OHIP-14 about self-rated health, oral morbidity, and socioeconomic and demographic questions. Multiple linear regression analysis was performed to verify the association between the independent variables and OHIP-14.


Distribución de las frecuencias de cada una de las respuestas dadas al diligenciar el OHIP-14 cuyo puntaje haya sido diferente de cero.
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Some features of this site may not work without it. Validity and reliability of OIDP and OHIP-14 : a survey of Chinese high school students.

A total of 79 patients thoroughly completed the questionnaires; 79.7% were male, 32.9% were over 50, and 25.3% were less than 30 years old. Background .
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한국치위생학회지 = Journal of Korean  Significant predictive validity was observed between OHIP-14-H scores and clinical parameters (P < 0.000). Conclusion: Translated and culturally adapted OHIP-  1 Jan 2018 Discriminant validity was examined by comparing OHIP scores and dental status. Internal consistency coefficient of the total OHIP-14ID score as  7 Dec 2015 Aim: To validate a Hindi version of the oral health impact profile-14 (OHIP-14) and to assess the instrument's psychometric properties in the  The objectives of this study were: (1) test the psy- chometric properties of OHIP- 14 in a rural popu- lation; and (2) compare the oral health impacts in two riverine   cross-culturally adapt the original English version of Oral Health Impact Pro le-14 (OHIP-14) into a. Danish version (OHIP-14-DK). In addition, to investigate its  28 Nov 2017 The Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP) has been mostly used to measure the impact of oral disorders or problems regarding daily function and  One of the most used indicators is the Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP-14), but it has never been applied in Iran.

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Methods The original English version of the OHIP-14 was translated using the forward-backward technique, pilot-tested, and then applied to 211 adults aged 35 years and above.

OHIP-14 (fi g. 1). L’OHIP 14 est un questionnaire qui a pour but de mesurer l’impact des conditions orales sur le bien-être et la qualité de vie du patient. Aucune version française n’étant dispo-nible, une traduction la plus fi dèle possible a été réalisée. Le patient doit répondre aux questions par l’une des OHIP-14 scores and OHIP-49 scores displayed the Key words: epidemiology; orai health: same pattern of variation among sociodemographic groups of older adults. In psychometrics; quality of life a multivariate analysis of dentate people, eight oral status and sociodemographic variables were associated {P<0.05) with both the OHIP-49 and the OHIP-14.